Responsible gambling training for venue staff is key to the creation of responsible gambling environments.

Comprehensive responsible gambling staff training and refresher training procedures have been developed and, in Australia, a nationally specified competency unit SITHGAM001 - Provide Responsible Gambling Services is available.

Responsible gambling staff training courses are conducted by a number of registered training organisations (including industry organisations) and may include entry level, refresher training and advanced training modules.

Australian Capital Territory

Responsible Gambling Staff Training and Gambling Contact Officer Training (ACT)

The ACT Code of Practice requires all Gambling Contact Officers, as well as staff and their supervisors who are directly involved in providing gambling services, to successfully complete approved training programs. 

New South Wales

Responsible Conduct of Gambling Training (NSW)

In New South Wales it is mandatory for proposed hoteliers, secretary managers and staff who will have gaming machine related functions to complete the NSW Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) course. 

You can read more about NSW responsible gambling training requirements at the Liquor and Gaming NSW website.

Northern Territory

Responsible Service of Gambling Training (NT)

The Northern Territory requires all persons employed in a licenced premises who are involved in the sale or delivery of gambling products to have undertaken an approved course in the Responsible Service of Gambling.

More information about Online RSG training in the Northern Territory is available from the Northern Territory branch of the Australian Hotels Association (AHANT) and additional information can be found at the website of Amity Community Services.


Responsible Service of Gaming Training (Qld)

In Queensland there are strict standards for responsible gambling training programs that are aligned with the national competency standard.

Information about Responsible Service of Gaming training is available through a number of providers in this jurisdiction - including industry peak bodies such as the Queensland Hotels Association and Clubs Queensland.

South Australia

Responsible Service of Gaming Training (SA)

In South Australia the Responsible Gambling Codes of Practice detail requirements for responsible gambling training.

For more information about staff training requirements in South Australia see the relevant Responsible Gambling Code of Practice (available on the website of South Australia Consumer and Business Services)

For more information about responsible gambling training courses in South Australia see the websites of the Australian Hotels Association (SA) - Gaming Care and Clubs SA.


Responsible Conduct of Gambling Training (Tas)

In Tasmania it is a condition of every special employee licence that the individual must undertake a Responsible Conduct of Gambling course approved by the Tasmanian Gaming Commission within three months of being licensed.

Detailed information about course requirements and providers in Tasmania are available at the Liquor and Gaming website.


Responsible Service of Gaming Training (Vic)

In Victoria it is compulsory for relevant gaming venue staff to complete RSG training requirements.

The approved RSG training in Victoria is different to training provided in other states.

New gaming venue staff are required to complete a standardised course of two modules.

  • Module 1 is an online course
  • Module 2 is delivered face-to-face to staff in gaming venues by Venue Support Workers.

Module 1 must be completed within 1 month of commencing work in a gaming venue and Module 2 must be completed within 6 months of commencing work in a gaming venue. 

You can find the initial online RSG training (Module One) at:

Victoria's Venue Support Worker (VSW) Program provides training and support in the delivery of responsible gambling practices and environments for venue staff and management and can facilitate Module 2 training. 

More information about the VSW program and Module 2 RSG Training can be found on the website of the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation.

Refresher Training Requirements 

From October 2020 new refresher training requirements have come into force with two further modules required.

  • Module 3 - the refresher online module (2-3 hours learning online)
  • Module 4 - the refresher face-to-face module (delivered via video-conferencing, or in gaming venues where coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions allow)

After completing Module 3 and Module 4 the first time, they must be completed every three years thereafter from the date on which Module 4 was last completed.

For more information on all Victorian RSG training requirements and for information on how to access your RSG training account please check the detailed information on the website of the Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety.